Filipino Maids

Why Hire Filipino Maids

Filipino helpers are known for their work efficiency, fluency in English and proactive nature, making them valued members in the industry and the community at large. This is why Filipino maids are highly sought-after domestic helpers in Singapore.

Advantages of Hiring a Filipino Maid

Hiring a Filipino helper also has certain advantages, such as:

  • Professional Training - Most maid agencies in Singapore provide hands-on training for elderly care, childcare, housework, cooking and English communication. This ensures that they are well equipped to manage all their duties.
  • Cost-efficient – The minimum wage for Filipino maids is SGD600 per month, making it higher than maids from other countries. However, considering their work ethic and proficiency in English, the investment is a worthy one.
  • Communication Skills – On top of additional English language training held by maid agencies in Singapore, Filipinos are themselves already fluent in English, making communication with their employers an even smoother task.
  • Work Ethic – Filipino maids are generally friendly, proactive and dependable, making them easy to work with. This also means that busy employers can save more precious time for themselves and their family.

Aside from referrals from family and friends, the best way to hire domestic helpers is through an accredited Filipino maid agency. Asset Agency is one such agency that specializes in the placement of qualified Filipino maids to suitable households in Singapore. For more information, call us at 6385 8558 / 6467 5885 today.